Every community in Calgary has its own feel and it can take time for it to really feel like “home.” When moving into a new area, you’re going to want to find the local spots and hidden gems to help you feel settled in.

After you’ve unpacked some of your things into your new home, take some time to enjoy and explore your neighbourhood on foot. Go for a few leisurely walks to spot out the best parks, playgrounds, river pathways, local amenities - whatever lights you up!

You may want to introduce yourself to the neighbours around you - a great way to meet new friends and help you feel safe & secure in your new space. If you’re not comfortable going door to door to introduce yourself in person, join the community Facebook pages and search other social media channels to see who lives in your area.

If you have kids, there are lots of great ways you can help them meet new friends in the area. Take them to the local playground or if you live in a cul-de-sac, spend some time in your front yard to see if there are any other kids for them to play with on the block!

If you have a recreational facility or clubhouse in your neighbourhood, consider taking a look at their schedule for local events - they may offer some fitness classes, a book club, kids clubs, etc.

I hope you enjoyed these few simple tips to help you settle into your new community.

If you’re thinking about moving, give me a call or send me an email. I can offer expert advice on the current Real Estate market and provide in-depth community information for neighbourhoods throughout Calgary and surrounding areas.